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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Akashic Records?

People often ask me, what are the Akashic Records? The basic answer is the “place” where the record of every soul and its journey is kept. The Records are referred to in the Bible as the ”Book of Life”. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning primary substance. The Akashic Record is the ethereal record of every soul, infinitely available at every point in time in its entirety. The Records are a non-judgmental, compassionate, loving atmosphere wherein the soul is supported and loved unconditionally as it journeys through its realization of the Divine.

What Can A Reading Do For Me?

A reading in the Akashic Record will support you on a deep spiritual level. This is a way to consciously receive guidance for soul growth, which manifests through your ordinary life experiences. Ideally, the Light of the Akasha will illuminate your path in this life, leading to healing and harmony. It is in everyday life experiences that our souls have the opportunities to unfold and come into higher awareness of the Light.

How Do I Prepare For A Reading?

First, make an appointment by phone 630-480-7273 or email

Then, thoughtfully prepare questions to bring to your reading. Your questions will direct the energy to the areas where you can receive the greatest benefit. Questions can be in any area of your life that you want to ask about. Career, relationship, finances, health, creative work and spiritual path are the major areas. If there is an aspect of your life that troubles you, habits that are harmful or that block you in any way, or relationship patterns that do not seem to get better, form your questions around these things.

Kinds Of Questions

Simple “yes” or “no” questions will get a simple answer of “yes” or “no”. Kinds of questions that invite a deeper response from your Record are as follows: “What is my part in this situation?” “How do I contribute to this problem?” “How can I learn from this person?” “What do I need to understand in order to move past this situation?” “How can I best strengthen my awareness of the Greater Good?” “What is my responsibility in this situation (or to this person)?” “Where is the Light in this experience?” “What is my next best step on my path?”

Important To Remember

The Record sees you with total, non-judgemental compassion and unconditional love. There can be no “wrong” action on your part from the perspective of the Record. Be comfortable knowing the Record will guide you toward understanding and healing. Your questions are answered in the manner deemed to be most supportive of your soul at the time of the reading. The integrity of the Akashic Record always works to support the soul toward its unfolding awareness of perfect being through greater understanding and conscious perception of Truth.

Who Speaks In My Record?

The guidance from your Record is from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of your Akashic Record whose work it is to guide you toward remembering your original Oneness of Being. It is through this guidance you are made aware of an Akashic Record reader or teacher who can be of service to you in the place where you are now.

What About Past Lives?

In an Akashic Record reading, past lives may be brought to your attention for purposes of understanding and healing. At times there are threads of a past life that may be affecting your present life that will benefit from being viewed in the Light with the guidance of your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. These healing experiences are of benefit to your present circumstances.

When Should I Have A Reading?

The decision to have a reading is entirely personal. People come once in a life, once a year or every five years. During a particular life crisis, a person may choose to have a reading once a week or once a month to work through the difficult period. Some have chosen to have readings on a regular basis for a period of time to facilitate their inner growth. If you feel a need for the support of a reading, it is the right time. Consult your Higher Self for the right time for you.

Is an Akashic Record Reading the Same as a Psychic Reading?

No, the Akasha is not based in psychic communication.  While the two readings may look similar from the outside, the areas of communication and spiritual perception are of a different nature. 

In the psychic realm there are many who choose to advise or contribute.  There can be any level of contribution from any particular essence.  The contribution may be perfectly balanced and thus considered to be “good”; however, the contribution may be limited by the experience of the entity communicating. Those whose work it is to guide in the psychic realm are usually well meaning and often capable of harmonious guidance; but there may be an essence not in harmony with the Divine Purpose and this must be watched for.  The psychic contributors may or may not have been embodied, but usually have been.  The psychic level offers guideposts, or markers, on a path and a knowing awareness on the mental level.


Please feel free to call or email to clarify your understanding of the Akashic Records and the process of a reading.

Please, no alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before a reading.

The fee for a reading, by phone or in person is $155 for one hour.



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